Amerect, Inc. - Safety Comes First

The safety of Amerect Inc. employees in the work place is a core company value.  Management places safety above all other considerations in the performance of employee duties.  Each employee working for  Amerect has an obligation to work safely and stop others not performing work in a safe manner.

Our goal is to ensure that injuries be prevented.  Any injury to our workers, or others involved in our work, is not acceptable.

Amerect Inc. has committed to eliminating worker injuries and has established a ZERO INJURY goal.    

Our safety programs are communicated to every employee through our Safety Manual, safety videos and ongoing training.  All of our safety programs and resource materials have been developed to prevent injuries and to assure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) with emphasis on those requirements applying to our construction operations.  We employ a full-time Safety Director to oversee our safety program and promote our ZERO INJURY goal.

We ask that every Amerect Inc. employee join our commitment to the safety and health of employees in the workplace.

Amerect employs a full-time Safety Director involved in training of all employees.  Every employee receives extensive training at the time of hire that continues throughout their employment.

Preplanning is key to a safe project.  Our Safety Director and Project Managers work together to identify hazards and develop both a Site Specific Erection Plan and a Site Specific Safety Plan.  These plans are then used along with Amerect's Safety Manual for site orientation for each Amerect Inc. employee working on that specific job site.

Fall protection is a major component of our safety policy.  We exceed OSHA's regulations by our employees maintaining 100% tie-off when working at heights of six feet or more for all work assignments.   

Soft tissue injuries are another major concern.  To reduce such injuries Amerect has implemented a stretching program required before each shift.

All ironworkers must have OSHA 10 and Sub Part R training to be employed by Amerect Inc.

All Operating Engineers must have OSHA 10 and be a Certified Crane Operator for the crane they will be operating.  They shall also document daily crane inspections before the crane is used for the shift.

Amerect requires one of our employees on each site to have completed First Aid/CPR training.

All employees are required to attend all toolbox and jobsite safety meetings.

Our Safety Director manages our safety program with weekly job site audits and reports to our Safety Committee.

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Our goal is to ensure that injuries are prevented.  Any injury to our workers, or others involved in our work, is not acceptable.